It's been so busy before the holidays but luckily, chill music helps.

While we impatiently await the time off, here comes a gentle reminder there's beauty out there in the world, a place & time when things can be slow and easy. The German chillhop OGs B-Side & Tesk returned to Stereofox for another wonderful EP, with this one taking a more organic, no-sample approach. They add, "We have been trying to combine our roots from jazz orientated sample based hip hop with our approach working without samples over the last year and combine these different styles to a jazzy, soulful and funky EP."

Lush Blend EP consists of 5 warm compositions fusing jazz melodies, raw beatwork & groovy basslines that will surely captivate your senses.

The visual identity of the release is done in a ’90s magazine aesthetic, with poems/quotes about our relationship to nature. Lush Blend EP is about people speedrunning life without seeing the beauty – and hence, these 5 songs offer a temporary escape, a place for your head to rest.

I picked to feature "Palm Trees" because it reminded me of their dreamy style, found in "take me to nowhere", the title track of their previous release with us. You'll simply fall in love with the hazy trumpets, reversed melodies and the mellow drum groove.

Listen to the full Lush Blend EP here.

posted by Nasko
December 2023