Brooklyn’s bad tuner has released yet another luscious dance track aptly titled “Back To Me.” The romantic storytelling and pitched down, deep vocals of British R&B singer Marbl lay perfectly on top of the melodic dance sound. 

Oozing with warm synths and soft percussion, it’s really hard to pin down bad tuner’s work to a single genre and that applies to “Back To Me.” It’s a fresh sound that’ll get your body moving, without a doubt. Something fit for a summer soiree, or a dimly-lit dance party - the track certainly has an alluring and easy listening vibe.

Bad tuner is certainly someone to watch for in 2021, as he has been releasing gem after gem. Be sure to read the interview we did with him earlier this year and be sure to check out the supplementing video for the track. Made by bad tuner himself and illuminated in his signature blue lighting:

posted by Lora
May 2021