As soon as I heard the whimsical wind chimes that lead into “Sourire,” I could tell I was in for a treat.

The track “Sourire,” meaning “smile,” has a dreamy, french house sound that is bound to leave you feeling breezy and light. Building on the wind chimes, the drum pattern kicks in soon after and gives the song its soft, steady beat. These contrasting elements really round out the track before the French, sultry vocals are even introduced. 

Those fluid French words you hear are visual artist Sofia Luna’s. The two artists connected on Instagram and quickly realized they complement each other’s work effortlessly. Luna translated a poem bad tuner sent to her, which ended up as the vocals for “Sourire.”  

bad tuner released Coast / Sourire in December, 2020 and since then, I have been jamming to both of these intoxicating tracks. 

Check out what we think of the second track on the single, “Coast” here.

posted by Lora
January 2021