I have always been thinking, that there is one really positive thing about the late autumn sunset at about 4pm. It just makes you perceive music in a slightly different way, than you normally do and takes off your daytime restrains, allowing you to travel to some really weird places. Today’s 4 pm sunset track is “Timewave Zero” by Toronto’s jazz outfit BADBADNOTGOOD. After smashing it alongside Ghostface Killah on their collaborative LP Sour Soul, BADBADNOTGOOD got engaged in touring around and didn’t put anything new recently until they dropped two new tracks on Soundcloud – “Timewave Zero” and “Here And Now” about a week ago.

For (almost) 3 minutes, “Timewave Zero” throws you back in the 70s with delivering a sweet nostalgic psychedelic vibe. This track completely carried me away and I found my mind in a place weirdly reminding of the dirty Australian dessert and the nasty ironical atmosphere of “The Yabba” – a small town, where the plot of Ted Kotcheff’s classic film Waking Fright takes place. You could just see the old rednecks with their dirty, sweaty beer and cigarettes smelling shirts, playing cards, swearing and spitting in the dust, spending their lives in drinking as much beers as possible, betting on “Heads and Tails” and hunting kangaroos every once in a while.

Jumping from a slow, flowing rhythm to quite upbeat pattern “Timewave Zero” progressively draws images in your mind, creating interesting and slightly disturbin soundscape you would definitely like to revisit.

posted by Staff
November 2015