Get ready for a trip.

"Sonder" is the final 4th single from Barry Can't Swim's latest EP More Content and I feel I luckily caught the last train. I am so happy this release didn't slip through my radar!

Earlier this year, the artist won Lu with the blend of Arabic sounds and melodic house he titled "El Layali". With "Sonder", however, the Edinburgh-born, London-based producer sends us somewhere across the African content. Very breezy feel, the percussion is really tuned down and it lets the mystic vocal performance truly shine before it belts out into a dancefloor behemoth down the line. I tried to find a bit more about the story of the track, but so far in vain.

Also, a little fun fact for all of you reading this - Barry Can't Swim's real name isn't Barry. It's Joshua.

The release is out via Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour - as always, nothing but stellar content (no pun intended).

posted by Ivo
June 2022