I'm having the chillest music morning and it's been a while where everything I find (and love) to be so peaceful and friendly (if this makes sense?).

While Lu featured Bay Ledges, it took me a minute to remember where I knew his name from. I instantly fell in love with "Silver" and naturally started digging around the US singer/songwriter. His debut album Ritual seems incredibly popular (40M+ streams) and I must admit I just started getting into his sound, but I am loving what I'm hearing.

Going back to today's spotlight - "Silver", the track has this ability to make you feel just lovely. I've been looping this for a while and at some point just went in the other room, hugged my wife and it felt so wholesome. Honestly, there's something about this song.

The song embodies a downtempo electronic ballad, intertwining ethereal beats with the soothing vocals of singer Zach Hurd - the person behind Bay Ledges. He elaborates, “It is about the pain that comes with losing someone; the spectrum of beauty and tragedy that comes with different kinds of loss.” Music is a funny thing. Something that was written about this horrible experience to make you feel the way I felt this morning.

A bit more about Bay Ledges though. In 2015, Zach Hurd launched the project from the confines of his LA bedroom, following his relocation from a small coastal town in Maine where he's back now. Initially, it was a venture born out of pure creativity and experimentation, devoid of any lofty expectations. Infused with chopped guitar lines, playful beats, and manipulated vocals, his sound exudes a soulful, glitchy essence, evoking a profound sense of nostalgia.

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