Laying in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon and I'm wondering how this song has managed to evade me for so long. But as a lover of all things Bear's Den, I've been more than making up for lost time by spamming the play button.

New track "Elysium" is described on the band's soundcloud page as their "strongest song to date", eluding to the powerful message of friendship through adversity woven into the lyrics. A true homage to bromance.

If you're a fan of the boys then this will be everything you expect it to be. Grandiose and melancholic, wrapped up in lush harmonies and set to a backdrop of wilting banjo riffs. This is still a great place for newcomers to dip their toes into the world of this awesome band but honestly, where have you been?

If you like the track and want to support the guys, click the itunes link to buy "Elysium" and get three live versions of "Don't Let The Sun Steal You Away", "Isaac" and "Sophie".

posted by Staff
June 2014