This is my cup of tea...

A smooth blend of solemn, introspective, and laidback vibes.

"Almond" by Beatmund Noise and Ultramarinblau is an awesome track for taking a moment to reflect on your past experiences. I can wholeheartedly recommend it. To me, it is a very humbling and pleasurable thing to do.

The horns have a super melancholy feel to them. I find myself immersed in deep thoughts whenever I hear this kind of style. It's reminiscent to me of a time before I made music and I was digging a lot of tunes like these. Helped me deal with my depression, healing wounds in ways words just can't seem to do.

Who would've thought a track with such a simple name could convey so much emotional depth?

Anyways, enough with the deep talk. Go give the track a listen!

posted by Axian
March 2022