I've been riding a solid hip-hop wave lately, so this track couldn't come at a better time. All of the collaborators on this track are completely new to me, despite their previous work with Mac Miller, who I love dearly (his Tiny Desk concert is still one of my favorites).

This is exactly the kind of hip-hop I love - soulful, extremely vibey, and with a strong old-school feel to it. I knew that Pittsburgh had a strong independent hip-hop scene, but hearing this tune makes me want to dig deeper and explore more. "U Had 2 Be There" is the title track off the gang's latest album released on April 12th. A goodie in its entirety. If you're looking for some chill hip-hop, I got you covered.

"U Had 2 Be There" brings me straight back to the 90s, and I'm here for it. Maybe this is where the Nokia artwork came from?

posted by Anna
April 2023