Belle Mer is a captivating duo of producers, synonymous with crafting the perfect blend of lo-fi piano and beats. United by their shared passion for creating an enchanting and harmonious fusion of chill vibes, they effortlessly synchronize their music with the ebb and flow of life's moments. Their distinctive groove aims to elevate your cozy coffee rituals, accompany the turning pages of a good book, and transport you to the verdant landscapes of mystical meadows.

The journey to "Mystic Meadows" was born one tranquil morning, in a quaint cabin perched atop a hill, offering a breathtaking vista of rolling fields shrouded in ethereal morning mist. Immersed in the serene ambiance, the delicate sounds of rustling leaves, whispering winds, and distant birdsong painted a vivid backdrop for the duo's creative process. The ambiance of the surroundings, infused with an air of solitude, served as a profound muse, inspiring the very essence of "Mystic Meadows".

With its gentle and evocative piano melodies, the track encapsulates the transformative power of solitude and the transcendent quality of music.

Released via our friends at Disruptive Records.

posted by Boris
November 2023