Bicep's Isles - the highly anticipated second album of the duo is coming out 22nd of Jan on Ninja Tune and it's time for another step of their rolling out strategy. Following up "Atlas" and "Apricots", today's power-up is their new single titled "Saku" featuring Clara La San's monstrous vocals.

Andrew and Matthew share...

"We aim to pull influences from a broad range of inspiration when we write music, our tracks often go through many iterations and directions before we settle on the final ingredients. "Saku" feels like a good example of a hybrid for us. We drew from IDM and Footwork via 90s r&b, and it was amazing to work with Clara who totally gets that vibe.

One of the early demos was 155 BPM and another actually used the vocal from "Apricots" (before it became "Apricots") pitched up. We also had a hang drum melody version but in the end we decided to keep Clara's voice uncluttered."

You gotta love how versatile their sound is. Isles is topping my 2021 expectations list right now.

posted by Ivo
November 2020