Jazzy keys have always had their way into my heart for some reason. And pairing them with sweet boom bap is an instant love for me.

Welcoming Bahamian, Atlanta-based producer Big Vezy for his Stereofox Records debut. "Purple Punch" is a lively blend of jazzhop, chill boombap & future beats, with wonderfully wobbly synths, warm vocal samples & the most catchy jazz chords. The song is an homage to those moments of pure relaxation and heightened creativity.

“I usually dedicate songs to special things or moments in my life and purple punch is just that; special. It happens to be the name of my favorite indica strain that helped me so much with getting better sleep and muscle pains. The inspiration simply came from times of my reminiscing on how I felt after having Purple Punch, which either directed me to my piano for a quick doodle, a quick dance session or a further chill session and I hope the listeners can experience all of that with just one listen,” he shared.

Stream/buy "Purple Punch" here.

posted by Nasko
August 2023