Just yesterday I was talking about Billie Eilish in my previous Amilli feature, and today I am honoured and stoked to share with you a flawless flip of her track "watch".

The creative child of Ohio-based hip hop duo, SOLANTA and YouTuber Frivvi Fox. Actually, before I got into the track and how awesome is it, I'm gonna throw in a term I just stumbled upon (still not sure if I should be embarrassed for never heard of this or not) - Autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR. That's how the guys described Frivvi Fox and I just had to dig into it. What exactly ASMR is? I still can't say I can explain it with words, but I got what it stands for. It's those repetitive, crispy sounding videos (sometimes bizarre) that give users 'pins and needles' and its... yeah, just search for it or check out this video.

Now, going back to the flip/cover. The guys seriously tamed down the original Billie Eilish "watch" version and turned it into a beautiful, utterly relaxing, bedroom-sounding pop/indie/electronica version which sounds like a lullaby. Everything - from SOLANTA's production work to Frivvi's soft vocals is designed to make you feel lighter and maybe melancholic in all the beauty of the feeling.

posted by Ivo
June 2018