The world woke up to the news about Dreamscape I - Birds of the West & Wishes and Dreams' collaborative EP scheduled for release later this year via okwow.

That on its own is a reason to smile, but what's cherry on the top is "Bright Sky" - EP's first single which dropped today.

Birds Of The West is a project we've been following for a while now. A source of peace and calm in our stressful lives. I am still not sure who the other moniker of the mysterious producer is, but in a weird way I like that. Basically, I am trying to live the BotW mantra - since it is a project about not overthinking things and just letting them come up and be what they are, I won't dwell on finding this information and simply enjoy the beauty of the sound.

"Bright Sky" is your feel-zen pill for the day, Internet friends. I'll leave you with something I found on Wishes and Dreams' Spotify artist bio - "live your dream, manifest and vibrate positive".

posted by Ivo
last month