Once again a flawless collaboration between Birds Of The West and Dario Lessing. However, rather than the movie-esque sound as heard on the previous tunes, this track called "Glühen" (meaning 'glowing') is marked by a reduced piano lo-fi aesthetic that lets your mind drift away for a brief moment.

Starting off in a classic Dario Lessing fashion, the track's first seconds present a gorgeous piano harmony with a dusty vintage nature to its sound, perfectly fitting into the lo-fi vibe. Warm rounded drums then take over the groove while the piano modulates and takes all sorts of diverse forms - from reversed phrases to muted notes and everything in between. With a natural-sounding bass, locked into the rhythm of the percussion the track "Glühen" checks every box when it comes to the elements of a perfect chillhop track.

This track is the third single off the upcoming EP Pattern by the L.A. based producer and the Berlin pianist. It will be released via our friends at PLYGRND, so be sure to keep an eye out for some smooth beats and textured piano vibes!

posted by Chris
June 2021