Is there anything sadder than being trapped in your own unauthenticity? With a lovely guitar as the leading instrument and a voice that expresses one's thoughts perfectly, Blue Mena comes from the New York underground scene to provoke us on the surface.

Known as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Mena Sachdev now grabs us by the throat with their solo debut that points out the beauty and uncertainty of being nonbinary in your 20s. This uniqueness comes in the form of a 70s-inspired art pop tip that visualizes right before our eyes with a beautiful video that is both warm and distant.

The dystopian feeling makes us want to stay alone with our thoughts and inspires us to look a bit further into ourselves. To figure it out such as Blue Mena who "wanted to make something really feel good and groovy and ended up with a trans joy song about figuring out my gender and rejecting what was expected of me".

posted by Krisi
September 2022