Born out of reflection and keen observation of life, "Blüm" is the latest collaboration between artist and music producer Bon-Psy & singer-songwriter Shauni. Blending elements of downtempo electronica, future bass and r&b, the track flourishes into a stunning multilayered experience, full of vivid sonic colors.

Having already released a series of introspective and thought-provoking tracks (such as Elation, released via yours truly Stereofox Records), Bon-Psy continues chipping away at his unique style to unearth new ways of presenting his sources of inspiration. Shauni on the other hand embellishes her R&B infused vocals in a stand-out performance. 

Inspired by the life of a flower, Bon-Psy navigates varying emotional states that capture the essence of the journey through existence. Joy, grief, despair, love & hope. "Blüm" depicts what it is to be alive in a movie-esque fashion, with singer Shauni providing a poignant narrative that unifies the lifecycle of a flower with our own lives as human beings. 

"Despite the garden you've been dealt, it's still a garden. Your garden. When it feels you have nothing left to give, water it with a new perspective and watch what blooms there. Here you can allow your flowers to grow toward the sun into brighter days."

"Blüm" is once again a stellar release for these two artists who work in synergy to translate the journey of life into music. The visual representation of this sonic metaphor can be enjoyed on the link below!

posted by Chris
May 2021