23 year old Gianluca Cardinale is Bon-Psy, A UK based producer creating future electronic beats that bridge the gap between melodic and experimental music.

Infused with wonky rhythms and grooves, Bon-Psy’s music is influenced by a variety of genre’s and artists including Jazz, ambient and glitch to name a few.

Gianluca became heavily involved with music in his youth, learning to play bass and guitar before transitioning to music production. Since then, he has slowly been crafting his sound in the electronic music scene.

Despite being early in his career, the young musician’s attention to detail and keen interest in expanding the boundaries of sound design has drawn attention from others having already been touted as a producer who “deserves a lot more recognition”, a direct quote from the owner of The Sound You Need.

Now, having seen success with releases “Onyx”, “Ikigai” & “Serene”, he hopes to further his growth and continue sharing music he is proud to release with the world.