Channelling Four tet, Caribou and Jaco Pastorius, Bon-Psy delivers an enchanting genre-bending piece. His new hybrid electronica creation "Carte Blanche" blends downtempo and jazztronica for an exciting experience.

The track is part of his forthcoming Order EP - the first of three EPs depicting the balance and interaction between order and chaos. With this EP Bon-Psy wanted to incorporate a lot more of his bass playing as it will be his main instrument when performing live and he considers "Carte Blanche" to be his greatest success in this regard. He shares:

When I showed this track to a few people whilst working on it, one of them said it reminded them of driving on an empty road at sunset. They imagined a beach or coast to their left and forestry to their right with the sunset coating the landscape in a warm orange hue. I called the track “Carte Blanche” because when I imagine myself in that scenario, I get a sense of freedom.

Order EP is coming out this August, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
July 2022