Currently more well known for his former alias Ekcle, David Gotham’s debut single as a solo act "Enter, The Holy Divine" showed similar promise and intrigue, capturing the essence of a sonic journey, with melodic and rhythmic twists and turns throughout.

A musical mastermind and a good friend of the Stereofox label family, Bon-Psy has created his incredibly unique take on the track that drives the song in yet another direction - a jazz-electronica hybrid fusion, that any listener of intricate music could appreciate.

"After listening to it multiple times, the cello section stood out to me - I’ve always loved incorporating jazzy elements into my tunes and with that lick, I thought I could go for a full Bon-Psy jazz-infused track. I’m really stoked how it came out, my favourite tunes to work on are the ones that I’m dancing around the studio making, and for this one I was going crazy haha."

Walking bass lines & cello riffs complement a soothing blend of experimental beats, while eerie nature of the original remains. Constantly moving up and down with its transposition, the vocal sample carries a beautiful melancholy, while still remaining rather uplifting. Jack elaborates on his thoughts upon hearing Bon-Psy's version:

"I’m really happy with what Gian brought to this tune. Hearing it turned completely into something with heavy jazz influences was something I certainly wasn’t expecting. I’ve never screw faced to a jazz tune or section before, I don’t think, and I remember saying that in a voice note to Gian when I was giving feedback on one of the first versions!"

posted by Chris
July 2021