For Bon-Psy's second release of the year, he welcomes listeners to an emotive rollercoaster filled with twists and turns throughout "I Don't Wanna Hurt, I Just Wanna Lay Here".

The UK-based artist is known for his intricate production that seamlessly exhibits his attention to detail. In fact, this release is a great example as you're bound to hear something new each time you dive into this experience. The synths are warm, the drums hit hard, and the mood saunters between sadness and hope - all this makes for quite a multi-colored vibe laced with a dreamy allure.

Bon-Psy explains; "I Don’t Wanna Hurt, whilst being a more jovial cut, still has an undeniable tone of sadness. Here our protagonist is beginning to transition to a point where their mental affliction is affecting most of their day, they struggle to get out of bed every morning and even going to sleep at night has become quite difficult."

posted by Lu
August 2023