Boyan's "Legacy (To Georgi)" is a composition made up of elegant keys that drift the listener towards feelings of melancholy and introspection... However, Bon-Psy has transformed this opus into an energy-boosting experience with his Electronica orientated remix.

By now, UK producer Bon-Psy has sculpted such a distinct sound for himself that you probably wouldn't even have to glance at your screen to figure out who's behind the production. It was such a pleasure to hear the trademark vocal samples from Bon-Psy sitting comfortably next to the murky piano arrangements from the original composition, and rhythmically those embellishments were guided by fast drums that chop and change at the drop of a dime. Bon-Psy has essentially contained the essence of "Legacy (To Georgi)" while creating a vibe that welcomes the listener to move and groove along.

This was released through our label Stereofox Records and if you're feeling curious about the story behind the track, you're welcome to have a look here.

posted by Lu
August 2021