As announced in October people's favourite producer Bonobo is releasing a new 3-tracks EP called Flashlight and it is time to close the circle with the lushful "Return To Air".

After the title track and "Pelican", the UK producer has decided to delight us with something rather... calmer and subtle. I still can't really have a proper proper opinion on the tune, but it feels ridiculously what I need right now and definitely my favourite of the 3 tracks. It feels very Bonobo-ish.

I guess it would be the list thing we hear from the producer before the release of his next album. It has been a long time since The North Borders has been out and I still feel fairly obsessed with his work.

"I made this in summer 2014 during some downtime between touring, this was the last track I made before leaving New York and packing my studio into storage. In a way, it's the last page of that chapter before I settle again and start the next album."
posted by Ivo
November 2014