Our Caramel Drizzle journey goes on! If you guys haven't seen our previous feature, here's a little tl;dr for you - there's an awesome project in the US titled Sundae Sauuce and... well:

And if you don’t know what Sundae Sauuce is all about - we donate 100% of our Bandcamp revenue to a cause or charity. For this release, we'll be donating to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation to help inner city school music programs in the United States.

Pretty nobel! On top of things the producers they got involved are not only amazing but also very familiar to us. After Brock Berrigan & Ian Ewing it's time for Bonus Points' slow-funk delight "Happy Hour". Enjoy!

ps if you want to learn more about him, read our interview with Bonus Points

posted by Ivo
July 2017