As January is slowly coming out of its shell, we're all in need of something fresh and funky to get them bloods pumping. Time for me to get back on those Groovy Beats and prepare our next playlist update.

Thankfully, the mates at Sundae Sauuce just dropped their tasty Butterscotch Drizzle compilation. 17 funk-inspired good vibes beat ready for your attention.

Kicking off with a stellar collaboration between Boulevard 95 (Ruck P's other project) and Soul Food Horns titled "The Circle". The best way to describe the track is as if Daft Punk tune down a bit and go back to the early 80s. Awesome sunset soundtrack, especially if there's a cocktail nearby... and while that's 6-7 months away (at least for me), it doesn't hurt to dream a bit. Damn, that brass...

posted by Ivo
January 2020