Boyan is not only one of my favourite artists to work with, but also a good friend and someone that always there to have a chat about creativity and music - something which has helped me a lot in the past year. After working on a number of releases together, we've reached (my personal) high point in his career - an EP we're releasing together called Closure.

"I Know" is the first single of this multi-verse release and just the beginning of the story. Expect more beats, soul, and hip hop coming up your way in the upcoming months!

Part 1 of the story,

You are standing in the living room, watching the news. Lockdown is underway, and anxiety is in the air. Reaching your friends seems impossible and you get tired of hearing the phone’s endless ringing tone. Chasing that desire of getting a breath of fresh air you end up going outside on your own. It’s a ghost town. Suddenly you feel the urge to be around a loved one, so you hurry back home. You go to bed feeling lost and uneasy.

You can also pre-order Closure on vinyl via Qrates below.

posted by Ivo
September 2021