In a seamless continuation from their delightful "Origami", US producers of Japanese descent - BrandonLee Cierley & POSY paint another musical jazzy masterpiece with their latest release "Intoro", also the opening track from their upcoming Letters from Japan EP, set to be released later this year.

"Intoro" beckons listeners into a realm of chill beats and jazzy harmonies, anchored by the exquisite lead lines of the saxophone, skillfully performed by BrandonLee Cierley. The song is a symphony of lofi vibes and a comforting melody woven by the interplay of the saxophone and flute, casting a spell of serenity. As the track unfolds, it gracefully evolves into a captivating exchange of solos, a musical dialogue between the saxophone and the guitar expertly provided by POSY.

"Intoro" not only sets the tone for the entire EP but acts as a musical overture, inviting the audience to embark on a journey through the cultural landscape of Japan.

posted by Boris
November 2023