Brock Berrigan is someone I have mad respect and love for. As one of the pioneer beat-makers featured on the platform and someone I've exchanged messages for years now, every track crafted by the masked producer is a small celebration of life.

Today marks the release of his new album Utah - 14 track collection of groovy and soul-inspired experimental beats. We also got to play a tiny role in that sound journey by premiering one of the tracks on our SoundCloud.

Recorded in a random huge and absolutely stunning cabin in Utah (wish I could show you the video he sent me), "Edible Arrangement" is my favorite track off the album. Drenched with old school soul samples, the track is the easiest way to time travel from the comfort of your couch. I've been slowly head-banging to it for days now and I'm happy with can share it with the world.

If you wan to listen to the full album, you can do it on Spotify below.

posted by Ivo
May 2020