Brock Berrigan’s track foreshadowing his new album “Utah is the most grounding beat I’ve heard in a long, long time. It transports you to this very present moment and tinkers with your brain in a way that nothing, not even the appeal of a NYC daydream with the finest lox bagel and a cup of Joe is strong enough to pull you away from the “now” and the rhythm of the track. 

There’s a certain sense of unity that quite literally echoes in the background and drenches your inner preoccupied self with comfort. Beat by beat, you put one foot in front of the other, metaphorically at least, and 2:06 minutes later, you find yourself almost exactly where you started — in the present moment but a different one. Energizing, hopeful, and steady.

These days, we can all use more grounding tunes of sweet release, which is why I’m personally counting down the days until Brock’s new album Utah release on May 6th! 

posted by Hristina
April 2020