The US duo Bronze Whale teamed up in 2011 when the drummer Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley decided to flesh out some of their ideas together. They're not afraid to dip their toes into different waters, and after some time their music took Benny's vocals and put them over hiphop percussions and electronic elements that shifted their pulsations completely.

This is not the first collab between them and the hip-hop masters Halston and Rudi from 5-D, as back in 2016 they exchanged frequencies for the track "Shrubbery". They co-produced several songs together since then, and 5-D hopped on board for the Take a Seat EP which started as an initial collab between Jaques (Bronze Whale) and Austin (Poles) early in the pandemic.

All of them channeled their struggles during the lockdown in the tracks "Municipal" and "My Guy", and after the sharp turns and flows, the final drop comes with Benny's signature vocals that set the vibe like no other.

You can listen to the whole EP here:

posted by Krisi
November 2022