The sesame seeds on the bun of the burger that is 5-D were sewn many, many years ago in Austin in a Hip Hop trio called Rhymestack. HBZ and Cron were members and high school friends having fun making music. Fast forward many more years, and HBZ and RuDi meet as members in the Hip Hop group known as the SubKulture Patriots (SKP). 
 As group members, HBZ and RuDi noticed their musical chemistry knowing that a collaboration would emerge on the horizon. On a lazy, sunny day, HBZ introduced RuDi to Cron. Cron gave them a 30 minute mix of funky, beats he created. At this point in time, history was made and the Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe was born. 5-D combines intricate flows and lyrics with unique, mind blowing production.