While BUHU's "La Truth" isn't necessary the kind of music you would often find on my playlist, I absolutely fell in love with the track from the first listen.

The aerial electronics, those Boards of Canada-ish synths and the vocals couldn't sound any better together. Honestly, having this 90s ambient psychedelia experience again gave me goosebumps. The duo seems to have one hell of a kind dynamics. Listening to this weirdly makes me want to fly.

"La Truth" also comes with a video directed by Wayne Dalchau and conceptualized by Jeremy Rogers (1/2 of the duo along with Tiffany Paciga). Watch and get ready for some trippy experience below:

BUHU are gearing up for their debut album which will be released FMF Records later this year, so stay tuned for more of this!

posted by Ivo
July 2018