By now, you've most probably noticed my love for french house and its marvelous contemporary representative Caius (especially his collaborations with fellow Danish singer Neigh).

Today, they've surprised us with something equally beautiful, and another love of mine - r&b/soul. "Stay" is a slow burner that still carries summer vibes but in a way gentler & sultrier way, with smooth and hazy vocals on top of mellow keys and a light drum groove. Caius shares:

In our current electronic music scene I feel there’s a big tendency of artists just reusing the same sounds and ideas over and over again. But for me what dragged me towards the scene, was always the innovative talents, changing the worldwide music scene with their fresh ideas. So when I write I want to forget about genres and just let the ideas flow, leaving all roads open. Somehow in this process “Stay” happened, it’s influenced by R&B, Jazz, and House obviously, but to be honest I’m not sure it fits into any genre, it’s just the vibe I was feeling.

This is the final single off Caius's upcoming EP, due April 8th via his own imprint, Strange Pack.

posted by Nasko
March 2022