"Hurricanes" embodies the bittersweatness of last days of summer. When people difficultly go back to work and vacations seem way too short - even though it could have last 3 months.
Yet, it is as sunny and cool as an Indian summer, and this is mostly due to Diane Sagnier's warm voice. Diane is the singer of the international band Camp Claude: she parts time between France & America, Mike Giffts hails from England and Leo Hellden from Sweden.

As the band name suggests, Camp Claude is all about the nostalgia of summer camps, and thus perfectly reflects my current mood.
As I close my eyes to the song, I can't help but picture myself in a convertible driving the hilly roads of California, hands on the wheel, hair floating in the air. That sounds pretty much like a Sofia Coppola movie, uh?

Anyway, I hope the song helps you get through the working-days as much as it does for me.

posted by Noemie
September 2014