Having a debut album out in the open must feel incredible, especially in Carmody's case.

Imperfect Constellations started forming more than 3 years ago and after numerous twists & turns, it's finally available everywhere.

Having an amazing rollout for almost a year, Imperfect Constellations just got its Deluxe version released - 15 gorgeous and very personal tracks about family, grief, memory & so much more. If you're interested to find out more about the album and the stories behind it, you can listen to my conversation with Carmody on our latest Artist Stories episode of Fox Tales.

"Blood" is the new focus track off Imperfect Constellations (Deluxe) and, interestingly enough, is the first song that mentions the phrase "imperfect constellations" - as if she finally completes the puzzle of the record. Needless to say, the track is utterly beautiful and touching, with her signature melancholy in both the vocals and the instrumental. Carmody elaborates:

This song is about the things we carry in our bloodlines that affect us, even when we have not directly experienced them. I was really inspired by constellation therapy - the idea that we can discover the hidden narratives of the past by putting strangers in a room, who come to represent members of your family. It’s fascinating that our DNA can hold these experiences that get taken from generation to generation and I wanted to explore what I feel I have inherited through my bloodlines. It’s also where the title ‘Imperfect Constellations’ came from.

I highly recommend diving into the full project from start to finish, you'll thank me (and Camody, ofc) for this sonic journey.

posted by Nasko
September 2022