On their latest release “Space Island”, musicians Carter Fox, Joe Kenney, and Ethan Stauffer take us on a journey that’s brimming with musical opulence and seamlessly clutches onto our attention.

What makes “Space Island” all the more magical is the fact that this gem is essentially an improvisation – I’m gonna give you a moment to pick your jaw up from the floor. Knowing that a track of this caliber was weaved together without much planning not only says a lot about their expertise, it also speaks volumes about the chemistry the trio has amongst each other. “Space Island” is predominantly glued together by lively keys, a beefy bass presence, and the soulful allure of a smooth guitar. After some time, you’ll notice a somewhat lush and dreamy atmosphere that emits from “Space Island” and that’s thanks to the chorus fx that accompanies the guitar.

Even though this is a beautifully composed track on a technical level, it’s more so the mood and the vibe the trio has crafted that’s bound to have listeners coming back.

posted by Lu
September 2022