As a general rule, ambient music is incredibly hit-or-miss. A genre that is built around the concept of fading into the subconscious mind of the listener will naturally come with the risk of being rather...boring. This is not the case here. With "Dreamscape", Cash has done it properly.

"Dreamscape" is the title track of the young producer's latest EP, released on MrSuicideSheep's new label, "found/red". It opens softly; a sustained note grows and evolves over the first 30 seconds, being gradually supplemented by a warm bed of pads. In true ambient fashion, the first 4 minutes is dedicated solely to the build-up of tension. Soft string swells accent a living, moving soundscape that fades away as gently as it arrived, making way for what is about to come.

"What is about to come" turns out to be a sublime wall of sound. The pads thicken, the chimes in the background redouble their efforts and a washed-out string section swells like the sea. Writing this has made me realise I haven't even listened with headphones yet, so let me do that now and get back to you in the next paragraph.


Yes, that was worth the frantic search for my aux adapter. I feel like I'm traversing the rings of Saturn. This piece is truly something special; the emotion that has gone into it's production is so present I feel like I could reach out and touch it.

Listen to the whole EP now, and you'll see what I mean:

cash · dreamscapes EP

posted by Rob
December 2020