From the name to the direction of the sound, Catching Flies' latest release "Tides" acquaints us with a perfect combination of his early aesthetic with where he is at now as an artist.

Catching Flies has created his most emotional and cohesive project yet, and the single "Tides" plays a crucial role in bringing this sentiment to life. The drums hint at a trip hop influence while the melodic portion is heavily decorated with uplifting vocals and organic elements that range from handpans to pianos. It's the strings toward the second half though that breathe life into the track and take it to another level. That section is emotionally gripping and highlights what Catching Flies is trying to achieve on the new record.

“In the last few years, I’ve observed this oscillation between things being happy and sad in my own life. I always knew the album would end on Tides – it leaves it in a more hopeful place. Nothing’s ever permanent,” Catching Flies says.

posted by Lu
December 2023