Catching Flies' "Yŭ", which Lu wrote about a while ago, received hell of a hip hop makeover, preserving its chill, but adding some power.

Blu and Jehst, with their flows, fit in so perfectly, it's like they've always been there. Catching Flies shares how the magic happened:

This was a bucket list tune to me. I listened to Blu’s album Below The Heavens and Jehst’s Return Of The Drifter constantly throughout my teens and early twenties - they were both really influential albums for me… so I’m honoured that they were both up for jumping on the track. Coincidentally my favourite tunes of theirs both feature references to rain (Jehst’s "People Under The Weather" and Blu’s "Dancing In The Rain") so it seemed fitting to pay homage to this by sampling them both at the end of the track.

Yeah, it's one of those tracks that feel so natural to the "beautiful rain" outside.

posted by Nasko
November 2019