When you think Catching Flies, phrases along the lines of “soothing”, “minimalism” and “dreamy” may float to the top of your mind. And on his latest track titled ‘Yu’, the British producer further exhibits why he’s sound is esteemed in different parts of the globe.

Just from the first couple of minutes, it’s clear as quartz to pick that "Yu " would sit comfortably in the middle of a chillhop compilation. Apart from the slight crackles, the track has this vintage feel to it by virtue of the sample and these heavenly harps which roll around the stereofield.

Initially, "Yu " was crafted during a tour in Asia, and I presume it was showery since it means rain. What truly impressed me about the track was the consistently engaging progression! From the colourful bridges, to the widespread use of instruments such as trumpets and soulful guitars. If you’re a fan of Tom Misch or even Bonobo this is certainly for you.        

posted by Lu
June 2019