Cat people, unite!

Or at least that's what Amber Navran (of Moonchild), Jacob Mann & Phil Beaudreau did. And today, we're blessed with the 4th single from their new project Catpack, blending jazz, soul, funk & love for felines.

"The Top" explores the topic of love language - about “showing loved ones that you love them with love. Knowing how special they are, showing them in all the ways you can, and then being amazed at how they do the same for you”, as Amber elaborates. “My love language is gifts, which is clear in the lyrics.” 

This one isn't as funky/upbeat as their previous ones but doesn't lack groove - it's just more mellow & warm (given the topic). Their signature spacey synths intertwine with pulsating drums, fairytale-like flutes & honey vocals that will transport you to a land filled with love.

Catpack's self-titled album is due June 21st via the wonderful Tru Thoughts.

posted by Nasko
3 weeks ago