“After All” is the tender, soulful debut single from Toronto-based singer Charlotte Day Wilson and it's an absolute treat to the ears.

There’s an effortless grace about the song as Wilson exudes confidence as she applies her velvety vocals lovingly around a soft bed of padded drums and warm synths.

The sometime frontwomen of Toronto four-piece The WAYO explained to Rookie that the song is about "trying to gain perspective and about letting yourself succumb to your vices. When I wrote this song, I’d decided to go out with my friends after a long period of hibernating, and I was reflecting on the therapeutic effect it had on me to just go out and go".

The track was written and produced by Wilson and it's an excellent debut offering that could easily find itself on mainstream radio.

Wilson sets the bar high for herself but gives listeners a wonderfully enjoyable single. Expect to see Wilson making waves all over the blogosphere in the coming months.

posted by Colin
January 2016