You are lying in your bed and starring at the ceiling, having your usual existential crisis moment Vol. It -Never-Ends, when suddenly you decide to open your laptop. And just when you tried to take a break from all these questions (you will probably never stop asking yourself), with no mercy to your feelings Chet Faker drops un-released track from the Japanese edition of Built On Glass. Why? Cause he can.

"Killswitch" is a really short collection of vocal loops combined with beautiful production, which perfectly reminds of those recurring thoughts shuffling through your brain from time to time and you just can't make them leave. After the Banks re-do of "1998", the track comes with a sample from the first line of "1998" looped throughout the whole song, which is great follow up for what we heard with Banks.

When you listen to the track it's like the repeating lines create this vacuum of emotions you can't escape from and you just get sucked and end up playing it over and over again. So, sit back, press your "Killswitch" and withdraw from reality (at least for the next) 3 minutes enjoying this hauntingly beautiful piece of awesomeness.

posted by Staff
August 2015