If anyone is looking for an alternative boy band to tickle their fancy over the summer months, London four-piece Childhood might be exactly what you've been looking for. Riding the crest of the 'guitar music revival' wave, Childhood's "Solemn Skies" is a triumphant, psychedelic indie jam that's cruising guitar riffs and wandering bass lines make for a perfect nod-along experience.

However, perhaps my favourite thing about this track is its length. At 3.36 the song appears all but finished, and then to the surprise (and glee) of the listener, it suddenly re-ignites to show-off the tracks insane hooks for extra 2 minutes, with an added guitar solo and roaring final chorus included for good measure. I absolutely hate it when artists cut great tracks short, so Childhood get a huge plus point in my book for that.

posted by Staff
July 2013