Based out of London, the artist has a rhythmic and laid-back delivery style and is known for his poetic verses. The artist manages to balance the duality between being a medical doctor by day and a lyricist by night. On his new track "Coincidental," he brings longtime music partner and New Zealand hip-hop producer, SoulChef and they always cook up a playful and fresh sound together.

Between the lines of "Coincidental," Anya ponders the significance of events and people in our lives. Is it really all a coincidence or is there a meaning behind the details? The songwriting is thought-provoking and delivered through fluid verses and rhyme. Not to mention that super catchy hook and chorus.

Is it all coincidental? Or did it happen 'cause it's meant to? All I know is life is mental and baby, I'm here for it.

Without a doubt, you can hear the soul influence in the smooth R&B arrangement with the dreamy guitars and the velvety voice of Chima Anya. 

posted by Lora
March 2021