This is... probably one of the best tunes that came my way this week.

From the lush percussion by Chiminyo to the soul-stirring chords - and the brilliant vocals by K.O.G. - "See Me" is nothing but a celebration for the ears and the heart. The gorgeous composition meets jazz ways with Afro-inspired influences to offer a breath-taking sonic experience which will pull many chords within you. This track speaks Human to me - the incredible warmth, stemming from the melodicism and the rhythm is something which my fusion-loving ears are more then pleased to encounter.

And to make this experience even better, the track comes with a brilliant one-shot live performance video, shot in a warehouse in London. It's the brainchild of dancer and creative producer Muti Musafiri, film-maker Jordan Rawi and Chiminyo himself. No need for more explanations, just scroll down and enjoy this feast.

posted by Nora
November 2021