I've had the pleasure of meeting Chris Luno in person in Berlin and if you're familiar with the cool energy he exhales from his YouTube videos - he's definitely matching it IRL. You can also read Lu's interview with him here.

After signing tracks to notorious labels like Anjunadeep, and This Never Happened, the German producer and DJ launched his own imprint Life on Moon with the release of his single "Sterny".

"The track is called Sterny. Sterny, like a little star that makes a cute sound. It's cute, but there's a rolling bass that is driving the star into the unknown. How far is it heading? You decide.", asks Chris.

While I rarely dabble with vocally driven electronic tracks, I do like the inviting and calm nature of the voice used in "Sterny". Paired with Chris' ability to create a nature-inspired organic house sound, this was a beautiful start of my rainy Sunday.

posted by Ivo
May 2023