When this kind of track enters your day, all negative thoughts are bound to leave the chat. A gorgeous blend of soulful vibes, snappy drums, and tight bars with some newschool influence, the song delivers a strong message and leaves you with a smiling soul.

Atlanta-based rapper Christian Ahmed, who often reflects on topics of growth, self-love and the importance of simplicity, keeps on spreading positivity, wrapped in impeccable and captivating music delivery. This time with the help of US producer and songwriter Cam Christian.

There’s no way this optimistic vibe doesn’t infect you. The chorus is incredibly catchy and will spin in your head with the effectiveness of a mantra: “Everything works out the way it's supposed to”. Even if this means that you’re gonna forget your keys at home today or forget an important deadline – everything has some positive outcome to it; even if it is the simple consequence of learning how to exist in a more functional way. Or being redirected to a better destination, than the one you were convinced is yours to pursue.

So don't worry too much, and just remember that everything will work out!

posted by Nora
August 2021