Christian Löffler and Henry Green team up once again to craft a lush, atmospheric listening experience for their new single "Felt".

This serves as the focus track of Christian Löffler's new album A Life which came out last Friday. Christian throws us into a deep gulf of synths as "Felt" is quite immersive thanks to the various layers of bright textures we're welcomed to. Henry's soft, angelic vocal performance not only accentuates the uplifting aura of "Felt", it's also contrasted by a bold synth-horn section that brings the chorus to life.

Christian Löffler adds "I wrote the instrumental last summer while lying on a wooden jetty that stretched out into a serene lake. My eyes were half-closed and I was staring into the sky after swimming. It was late afternoon, and there was a slight breeze. The instrumental captures the essence of those summer days that seem to stretch on forever".

Christian Löffler · A Life

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last month