Australian producer and singer has long ago won our hearts with his unconventional blend of bedroom pop, autotune, and bass-driven electronica. If you dig artists like Joji, James Blake, Sampha, you are absolutely love his new single "rainonmyparade".

The track is a cocktail of alt r&b and indie pop, sprinkled with the right amount of nostalgia. The creation of "rainonmyparade" has been heavily driven by his desire to use the phrase rain on my parade which he stumbled upon while having a conversation with someone. The notion of someone actively seeking to spoil their own parade intrigued him, adding a unique and damp twist to the song's story.

“This song was mostly made because I wanted to use ‘rain on my parade’ as a lyric. I heard the expression being used in conversation a while back and straight away thought: “oh that would be pretty good in a song” and here we are. For some reason the idea of someone specifically asking for their parade to be rained on appealed to me during the writing process, so I guess this parade is a bit damp.", he elaborates.

posted by Ivo
March 2024